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Nowadays in business life, one or two years of professional experience in a foreign country has an inestimable value. Apply to the Master1 – International Management or Master2 – E-business, get work experiences within a French company and obtain an internationally recognized university diploma!

The programme is proposed as well in Western, Central and Eastern Europe as in the eastern and southern French speaking countries (Africa, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Caribbean, Maghreb), thanks to the partnership with the University Agency of the Francophone.   

The master MOCI/MONE is a diploma having an international reference. It is recognized everywhere in the world where the system LMD (Licence, Master, PHD) is in force.

Many foreign students have already decided to join us and complete their university course by our graduated programme. These students come from various European, African countries and from China.

We believe that this cultural diversity belongs to the quality of our education and contributes to acquiring professional competences because working within a multicultural environment is always very efficient for sharing knowledge and different experience.

Caution! Knowledge of French language is essential for following the courses!

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Master1 – Master Management of the Organizations in International Context (MOCI)This programme is opened for both French and international students who wish to develop and expand their knowledge in international trade and consider completing their formation by a university diploma in master management.These students will be professionals having competences in international management, able to determine key strategies of competitiveness at international level. They will be able to choose the most adequate strategies of export, to apply them to each target market and to use information technologies (IT) in the process of internationalization.

The application of foreign languages is very important in international business life. This is the reason that our university programme strongly supports teaching English and Spanish languages.

Detailed programme

Objectives:Master (M1) in International Economy and Management aims to give to future managers working in international markets, a high level university education in management and administration of companies.


Recrutements :Persons in charge of export, sales manager, consulting, logistics, marketing, finance, human resources.


Organisation :–         50 hours of courses–         E-learning – theoretical courses online

–         6 months of training course within a company or an organization in France or abroad!

–         Development of a professional project


Costs of the master programme:200 euros pour les étudiants formation initiale présentielle, 1500 euros pour les étudiants AUF, 4250 euros pour les étudiants formation continue distancielle

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Master2 – Management of the Organizations of the Net-Economy (MONE)The new rules of the economy require having modern managerial skills in order to be able to approach the uncertainties of E-business.The program Master MONE is a university graduate diploma which is specialized in E-business and E-management and it aims to meet this challenge by training high level professionals having capacities to work on projects related to electronic trade and E-business.

The students on this course will be able to succeed in managing complex projects requiring good knowledge of new technologies and competences in e-management.

Currently young graduates in the field of E-business and E-management are very sought-after on the labour market and this phenomenon seems to be accelerating today. The more this sector is developed the more it absorbs qualified people.

Detailed programme

Objectives:Master MONE is a high level graduate programme, which aims to form the future executives working in the field of E-management and the E-business. The students of this course will have a vast knowledge of IT (Information Technologies) and use it in e-businesses and they will be able to control collaborative projects (Computer Supported Collaborative Work).


Recruitments:Persons in charge of E-marketing, e-supply chain managers, e-procurement, e-hr manager, responsible for E-business projects, consulting in E-business, technological surveyor, responsible for communication on the Internet, person in charge of the commercial development on the Internet.


Organisation:–         50 hours of courses–         E-learning – theoretical courses on line

–         6 months of training course within a company or organization in France or abroad!

–         Development of a professional project


Costs of the master programme:200 euros for the students who follow the cours at place, 1500 euros for the students of AUF, 4250 euros for the students who follow the cours on line.

Download PDF: International candidates’ application files

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Alain DeppeTél.: 03 22 82 71 10alain.deppe@u-picardie.fr

Martine Amiot
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Association Mone

L'Association MONE est une association d'étudiants créée le 16 Décembre 2006 par les étudiants de la première promotion du Master2 MONE, de l'UPJV. Elle a de nombreux objectifs tels que la promotion du Master MONE, tisser un réseau relationnel entre les entreprises et les étudiants, servir de point de rencontre entre les étudiants, œuvrer pour une meilleure intégration professionnelle, participer à la vie des étudiants : soirées, séminaires, accueil de délégation d'étudiants étrangers...

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